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Cam Catchment Partnership

Main partners:
Anglian Water
Cam Conservancy
Cam Valley Forum
Cambridge City Council
Cambridge Water
Cambridgeshire County Council
Environment Agency
Natural England
South Cambs District Council
Wildlife Trust

The aims are to
  1. Provide a vision, aims and objectives, and an action plan, to help unlock fundng
  2. Influence management and maintenance
The Strategy covers
historic environment
development pressures
access rights
river flows
wild life
recreation and river use
economic considerations
highways issues
quality of life
legal constraints

Our original long list of issues and actions is here.
A shorter list of projects to be implemented as funding becomes available is here.

We are a member of CamEO — the Cam Ely-Ouse Catchment Partnership


An accout of a recent CamEO meeting is here.

Landowners are encouraged to take their own initiatives but legislation exists to protect the environment and other water users. If you are contemplating doing something contact us and we can then point you in the right direction to get advice


Various maps

Contact us if you have any advice