2030 vision

for the Cambridge sub-region



Topics for 2011
Economics and technology
Housing 2030
Education and skills
Retail and business
Agriculture and green spaces
Topics for 2012
Land use
Social cohesion
Culture, leisure and sport
Energy, water and waste


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Effect of developments in technology on the economy of the Greater Cambridge sub-region

Friday 14 January at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences,

Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA

1300 lunch

1330 Introductory talks (chair: Peter Landshoff)
  • Michael Kitson (Judge Business School): local area growth dynamics
  • Stew McTavish (ideaSpace): technology and the economy
  • Michael Kelly (Cambridge University): speculations on developments in technology
  • Lord Broers  (Westminster): speculations on developments in technology
1445 Breakout groups (facilitators: Gordon Johnson and Roger Crabtree)
  • Where and why do you agree and disagree with what you have just heard?
  • What are the risks and threats?
1600 tea 1615 Breakout groups (facilitators: Gordon Johnson and Roger Crabtree)
  • What will be the impact on the sub-region in 2030?
  • What should be done now to prepare for it?
  • How can we preserve the sub-region's pre-eminence?

1730 Next steps: Gordon Johnson

1740 end



Group 1: Gordon Johnson

Stewart McTavish 
Alec Broers
Alex Reid 
Bill Wicksteed
Bob Hayes
Nicky Morrison
Ian White
Gos Micklem
Peter Landshoff


Group 2: Roger Crabtree

Michael Kitson
Michael Kelly
David Newbery
Charles Lang
John Bridge
Koen Steemers
Keith Glover
Jon Crowcroft
Peter Carolin