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Meeting at ideaSpace: 13 April 2011

Dr Nicky Morrison of the Cambridge University Department of Land Economy gave an introductory talk in which she reminded us that it is the government's ambition to decrease carbon emissions by 80% on 1990 levels by 2050, and that domestic housing represents around 27% of total carbon dioxide emissions. She then invited us to break into three groups to decide what are the top 3 constraints to achieving carbon reduction to existing housing, and to rank them in order of importance.

After discussion, the groups replied that their top constraints were:

  • Group 1: lack of consistency of advice on what measures to take
  • Group 2: cost
  • Group 3: lack of good trustworthy advice.

    Other constraints:

  • doubt about financial benefits and realism of incentives
  • suspicion about quality of retrofitters' work
  • contradictory constraints from planners, English Heritage etc
  • difficulty in generating a community sense of responsibility
  • apathy.