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Topics for 2012
Land use
Social cohesion
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Social cohesion

Notes of a preparatory meeting on 19 January 2012

Present: Marion Bailey (Future East), Karen Charlton (Business Class), David Thomson (Bishop of Huntingdon), Professor Per Wikstrom (University of Cambridge Department of Criminology)
with Peter Carolin and Peter Landshoff
  • What do we need to do now to make a vibrant, cohesive, enterprising society in 2030?
  • Where do values come from and how do we share them?
  • What drivers affect how people behave to one another?
  • What is the social impact of demographic change?
  • How do people begin to work together to solve problems, such as starting a community bus service?
  • How do changes in morality lead to new problems?
  • In many cases people with social problems are unaware of what led to them
  • Those who come behind the "baby boom" generation, which is just retiring, will have very different attitudes and be somewhat more prosperous, and this will produce tensions
  • If resources continue to decline, how will this affect how people lead their lives?
  • Bridging between the younger and older parts of the community is key in the face of economic stress
  • What are the key provisions local government should make to help social enterprise succeed?