Dr Robert Hunt
The Great Gate, Christ's College
Left: The Great Gate, Christ's College. Above: The Fellows' Building (1640), where my College rooms are situated
The Fellows' Building, Christ's College
Above: Part of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, housing the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Right: the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
The Centre for Mathematical Sciences
The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical
Receiving the Webby Award for Plus from Sam Donaldson (left) in San Fransisco, July 2001
Receiving the Webby Award
The winners of the Pilkington Teaching Prizes, 2001 (I am second left)
Winners of the Pilkington Prizes 
Leading Christ's College students to their graduation ceremony, June 2019
Graduation 2019
The amplitude (vertical logarithmic scale) of the response to periodic forcing (frequency on horizontal scale) of a marginally stable fluid-dynamical system modelled with the spatially varying Ginzburg-Landau equation. Resonant peaks can clearly be seen near the global-mode frequencies
Research into fluid dynamics

Dr Robert Hunt
University of Cambridge

Positions currently held

I am the Senior Tutor of Christ's College in the University of Cambridge, with overall responsibility for the educational provision of the College: teaching, pastoral care and preparation for examinations, for all students in every subject. As Senior Tutor I am an executive Fellow of the College. The College is academically among the most successful of all Colleges in the University.

I also hold the specific post of Director of Studies in Mathematics at Christ's College, with responsibility for interviews and teaching in mathematics. I teach undergraduate mathematics students at the College personally and advise them on course options. More information on admission to the College to study mathematics can be found in the section below.

Finally, I am a Lecturer in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), part of the Faculty of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge. My research interests are listed in the section below.

Before all this, I held the following posts:

Lecture courses (past and present)

Please visit my lecturing page for lecture notes, handouts and problem sheets for some of the courses listed below.


Christ's College is a particularly friendly and high-achieving College of the University of Cambridge, with outstanding strength in mathematics. Its alumni include Charles Darwin, John Milton and Ali  G. As Director of Studies in Mathematics at Christ's College I interview all candidates for admission to the College in mathematics. Details of the application process, including information about the University course, the College Fellows, Open Days, interviews and offers can be found here. More general information about applying to Christ's, including details of Open Days, can be found here.


Research Interests

I am a member of the Waves Group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. Particular interests include:

University and College Societies

Public Understanding

Besides my work on Plus mentioned above, I am regularly involved in activities that enhance the public understanding of mathematics. As well as lectures and public talks for schoolchildren, teachers, the general public and even local education authorities about the applications of mathematics to everyday life, I have been interviewed on Radio 4 and other radio stations on many topics including the teaching of mathematics, the numbers studying it at University, the relevance of Newton's Laws of Motion to the modern world, the philosophy of mathematics and Newton's personality. I took part in Radio 4's The Eureka Years with Adam Hart-Davis and was scientific adviser to the BBC2 programme Newton: The Dark Heretic. I have even been interviewed by Japanese TV about Newton's work on light (his Opticks, published in 1704).

At the turn of the millennium, I was involved in the design and production of the Newton Institute's contribution to World Mathematics Year 2000: the Posters in the London Underground project. This series of 12 posters about the relevance of mathematics to the real world was displayed month by month in trains on the Tube, but ever since then the posters have gone from strength to strength, winning awards, starring in films including Agent Cody Banks and The Perfect Man, and even appearing on TV in Dawson's Creek and Dr Who. Long after the original poster project finished, the Newton Institute continues to receive regular requests for reprints from schools and Universities world-wide, and the posters have been reprinted several times. The original posters are available from the Mathematical Association.

The Treasury Select Committee has asked me on several occasions for advice on the charges made by credit card providers and ways to improve transparency and competition in the credit card market. I have been interviewed on BBC2, Radio 4 and in many national newspapers about this topic.

Education and Qualifications

Dr Robert Hunt
Senior Tutor
Christ's College

E-mail: senior.tutor (at) christs.cam.ac.uk (official email) or reh10 (at) cam.ac.uk (personal email)

Telephone: (01223) 334953 (secretary)