Quantum Computing Teach-in

Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road
Cambridge CB3 0WA

June 21-22nd 2000


The lectures will be held in Meeting Room 2 in the Central Core (the building with grass roof)
of the new Mathematics Faculty site .  Light hot meals and sandwich lunches are available in
the cafeteria located in the central core.


Talks will last for about one hour including questions and discussion.

Wednesday  21st June

11am  Martin Plenio           "Quantum Computing: Problems and Prospects"
12noon Richard Josza         "Quantum Algorithms"

2.30pm Sandu Popescu      "Quantum Entanglement I"
3.30pm  Noah Linden         "Quantum Entanglement II"

Thursday  22nd June

11am   Dik Bouwmeester    "Quantum teleportation, GHZ states, and  error-free
                                                 quantum  communication"
12noon  Tim Spiller               "Practical Quantum Computing: An Industrial Perspective"

2.30pm Andrew Steane        "Introduction to Quantum Error Correction"
3.30pm Adrian Kent             "Introduction to Quantum Cryptography"

The location of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences is described in the web site accessed by clicking on the address above.
Approaching northbound on the M11 exit at junction 13 and turn right at the traffic lights onto Madingley Road. Wilberforce Road
is on the right about  one mile from the junction after MacDonald's restaurant.  For those arriving at the station there are
no direct buses. The options are (a) take a taxi or (b) take a bus to the centre of town and walk (about 20 mins) or (c) walk
(about 40 mins).  A more detailed map for access is available as is a  larger scale map  (from the Cambridge City website).

There is no parking on the site and you must find a place in one of the neighbouring roads. Those near the site tend to be full
but anyone willing to walk a little should find somewhere.

Anyone is welcome to attend but if you do intend to come please email Ron Horgan (rrh@damtp.cam.ac.uk). In the event of
oversubscription (>150) priority will be given to earlier registrands.

Ron Horgan
Adrian Kent