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4th year PhD student in theoretical physics. Interested in aspects of integrability and geometric representation theory in supersymmetric qauntum field theory. Supervised by Prof. Nick Dorey

Samuel C. Crew (Trin. Coll.)
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
University of Cambridge
Wilberforce Rd,
Cambridge, CB3 0WA.

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vortices - instantons - Macdonald polynomials - quantum affine algebras - 3d N=4 theories - quiver varieties - holomorphic blocks - supersymmetric black holes - strings - Yangians - integrable spin chains - crystal bases - Young tableaux - Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations - conformal blocks - toric geometry - refined topological vertex - quantum groups - double affine Hecke algebras - conformal field theories - twisted indices - Coulomb branch algebras - geometric engineering - squashed three sphere indices - symplectic duality - quasimaps - M2 branes - K-theoretic localisation - monopole operators - modular forms - 3-manifolds - Laumon space - W-symmetry - Coulomb branch Hilbert series

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