Parents Nursery Association Committee

Minutes of the Meeting Held at 7.30pm on 27 May 1999.

Marianne van Brandenburg, Elizabeth Aitken, Celia Bockmuehl, Helia Hollmann, Jim Huntington, Stephen Cowley, Margie Sunde. Apologies were received from Emma Denston and Clare & Colin Malcolm.

Treasurer's Report.
Elizabeth reported that we had £ 582.51 in the bank, of which £340.70 is owed to the French teacher. Expenditure on the cancelled Ceilidh and Pot Luck Social was £40.00, while £530.69 has been spent on the playhouse.

The meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes to admire the playhouse.

Marianne reported that pieces had been missing when the playhouse had been delivered. Estate Management, who erected the playhouse, had made good the missing pieces. Thanks were expressed to Estate Management. It was decided that Marianne would find out from Estate Management the cost to make good the missing pieces, and that Jim would then write to Octopus asking for a refund.
Action: Marianne , Jim.

It was agreed that there would be `painting parties' at 16.30 on 3 June and 4 June in order to waterproof the playhouse.

Ceilidh and Pot Luck Social.
It was reported that this had been cancelled, and that there had been a £40 cancellation charge. This had been approved by Marianne , Stephen and Elizabeth in the light of the fact that at the previous meeting the Committee had agreed to pay a modest cancellation charge.

Staff Charity Day.
Marianne reported that preparations for the annual Staff Charity were progressing well. Hugo's Mum would again be selling fidge, and there would be other items for sale. The PNAC thanked the staff for their effort.

Celia agreed to produce a poster for the picnic on 3 July at Wandlebury, while Stephen agreed to advertise the picnic in a Newsletter. Marianne reported that Sue's preparations for the string orienteering were going well.
Action: Marianne , Sue, Celia, Stephen.

The draft report to the USCC was discussed. A few minor changes were made to the draft.

It was agreed, after discussion, that a proposal to comment on the number of children of assistant staff attending the University Nursery would not be taken up.

It was agreed to support the suggestion of fixed term places, and to add comments concerning sabbaticals and visitors to the University.

It was agreed that Stephen would present the report.
Action: Stephen.

The draft constitution was discussed, and a number of changes were agreed. Stephen agreed to produce a revised draft.
Action: Stephen.

It was agreed to hold the AGM at 8.00 pm on Thursday 30 September. Stephen would advertise this in a Newsletter.
Action: Stephen.

Autumn Fayre.
The discussion of possible items for sale at the Autumn Fayre was deferred to the next meeting.

Nursery Information.
Marianne reported that she had been on a team leaders' course, that Jo and Sue had been on a First Aid course, and that Sharon had been on a reading course.

Any Other Business.
It was agreed to investigate the possible return of some of the slabs (bought for the playhouse).
Action: Marianne .

Stephen agreed to emphasise in the Newsletter that the PNA always welcomes suggestions from parents as to how to spend the funds that are raised.

Date of Next Meeting.
It was agreed to hold the next meeting of the PNAC at
7.30pm on Thursday 29 July 1999 at the Nursery.


A postscript version of this document is also available.

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