On this page you can find links to material that I've made available for download.


I've written a short article in PLoS Computational Biology describing my experiences teaching R to graduate students. Lecture notes (in PDF) were provided as supplementary information; you can get the latex files if you wish to copy the files for your own use. See the top of rpc.tex for further details, and you'll need Beamer installed. (Update 2012-08-29: latest slides and 4-up slides.)

I develop and maintain several R packages for my research.


ELL is the Emacs Lisp List, and is probably the most popular part of this web site; it is a collection of links to emacs lisp files.

Emacs Speaks Statistics is a collection of modes for interacting with statistical software, such as R. I am one of the developers. In August 2011 I gave a tutorial on ESS at the useR meeting,

iswitchb.el is a buffer switching program I wrote for Emacs, and was included a long time ago into Emacs. I am a developer of Emacs, and mostly contribute bug fixes nowadays.

Notes on extending AUCTeX's ability to edit Beamer latex documents.


psfbb fixes (broken) bounding boxes in Postscript files. It runs the postscript file through gs, which gives an accurate bounding box; that bounding box (bb) is then put into the top of the postscript file.

wxpdf is a simple wrapper around xpdf so that the window is refreshed whenever the pdf changes. It is written in perl, and based upon the atchange program.


cuposter is a LaTeX style file for generating conference posters, between A0 and A4, with a University of Cambridge logo. (It is based on a style file from the University of Edinburgh.)

damtplet is a LaTeX style file for generating letters with a DAMTP address. This is based on a version from the Computer Lab.

development.bst is a BiBTeX style file for generating references in a format suitable for the journal Development.

texintro is an introductory document demonstrating how to write scientific reports in LaTeX. This article, and a cover note, has appeared in the PracTeX journal.


w81s1 is a (famous) bivariate retinal mosaic that I've re-scanned. Other recent retinal mosaics are also available.

Slides and an example Sweave document from a talk given to the SciCompCam group.

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