Former Research Students
  1. P. J. Joyce (PhD 1988) Dean, College of Science & Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Idaho. Sept 26 1958 - Apr 22 2016

  2. R. S. Lundstrom (PhD 1990) Software Engineer Supervisor, TDW, Salt Lake City, Utah

  3. L. Markovtsova (PhD 2000) Statistical Leader,  Roche Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

  4. O. Will (PhD 2001) Research Scientist, Kantar Health

  5. J. Wu (PhD 2001) Model validation analyst, PNC Financial Services Group

  6. K. Millman (PhD 2005) The Millman Clinic, San Jose

  7. D. Abdueva (PhD 2006) Senior Staff Bioinformatics Scientist at Guardant Health

  8. D. Skvortsov (PhD 2006) Senior Staff Scientist, Illumina RGH

  9. R. Jiang (PhD 2006) Senior Staff Biostatistician, GRAIL Inc

  10. V. Plagnol (PhD 2006) Reader, UCL Genetics Institute & Head of Computational Biology, Inivata, Cambridge

  11. O. Sargsyan (PhD 2006) Bioinformatician, Centrillion Bioscience, CA

  12. W. Xu (PhD 2006) Lecturer, Center for Surgery, Innovation and Bioengineering, MGH, Boston

  13. R. Alaghband (PhD 2007) Management consulting, Montreal, Canada

  14. C. Curtis (PhD 2007) Assistant Professor, Departments of Medicine and Genetics, Stanford University

  15. J. C. Marioni (PhD 2007) Senior Group Leader, CRUK Cambridge Institute & Group Leader, EMBL EBI

  16. R. D. Wilkinson (PhD 2007) Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield

  17. M. J. Dunning (PhD 2008) Bioinformatics Core, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

  18. I. Manolopoulou (PhD 2009) Lecturer, Department of Statistical Science, University College London

  19. T. Hardcastle (PhD 2009) [joint with JD Brenton] Senior Research Associate, Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge

  20. D. Grover (PhD 2009) Assistant Project Scientist, Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, UCSD

  21. L. D. Goldstein (PhD 2010) Scientist (Bioinformatics), Genentech Inc.

  22. C. Spyrou (PhD 2010) Early Warning Team Leader, MEAP, Measurement Science. Nielsen Holdings, Cyprus

  23. S. Ivakhno (PhD 2011) Machine Learning Engineer, Lifebit, London

  24. S. Knott (PhD 2011) [joint with O. Aparicio] Assistant Professor, Cedars Sinai Medical Institute

  25. D. C. Speed (PhD 2011) Assistant Professor, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark

  26. J. Woolford (PhD 2011) [joint with EA Miska]

  27. A. Sottoriva (PhD 2012) Team Leader, Centre for Evolution and Cancer, The Institute for Cancer Research, London

  28. R. Ardekani (PhD 2013) Bioinformatics Scientist, Advanced Research, Illumina Inc.

  29. M. L. Smith (PhD 2013) Bioinformatician, German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure, EMBL

  30. T. Nellimoottil (PhD 2013) Senior Data Scientist, Bird

  31. J. Cairns (PhD 2014) Senior Research Statistician, AstraZeneca.

  32. D. Andrews (PhD 2015) Reproductive Genetic Health Group, Illumina Inc.

  33. M. Josephidou (PhD 2017) R & D Engineer, Bloomberg

  34. M. Abbasi (PhD 2011–2017; USC, joint with P. Marjoram) Bioinformatician II, Progenity Inc.

  35. A. Wendler (PhD 2019; joint with C. Watts) RA in Tavaré lab.