STEP Resources

A new resource
NRICH have launched a new collection of free online STEP preparation resources: NRICH STEP web site They are designed as a series of linked modules for individual additional study. The programme is aimed at mathematics students who have completed the first year of A-level or equivalent study: students can start working on them from the summer after the end of Year 12, but it is possible to start later and catch up. Each fortnight, a new module will appear, consisting of problems, articles, worked examples, advice for STEP candidates and much more.

Past papers possibly now not available from OCR
[But beware: the syllabus has changed since the earlier papers were set]

An experiment:
If you click below you should see a video of a STEP question being tackled. But note: there is a mistake in the paper III question at about 15 mins (omission of a 3/2 power and a factor of a) which I haven't time to correct at the moment; there is also a mistake in the paper I question at about 10 minutes 40 seconds, where a couple of graphs appear upside down. Sorry about that. I haven't added to this for many years, though if you think it would be *very* useful, I'd be willing to add some videos from recent papers (let me know: