Dynamics and Relativity, Part IA

Hand-outs (pdf format)

Hand-out 1: Course contents
Hand-out 2: Motion in a cubic potential
Hand-out 3: Projectile with linear drag
Hand-out 4: Motion in a uniform electromagnetic field
Hand-out 5: Orbits in a non-Newtonian potential
Hand-out 6: Coriolis effect on a falling particle
Hand-out 7: Drum majorette's baton
Hand-out 8: Rolling disc

Part Tripos questions

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Example Sheets

First examples sheet 2011
Second examples sheet 2011
Third examples sheet 2011
Fourth examples sheet 2011

Lecture notes

NOTE: these lecture notes are intended to supplement the notes you take in the lectures. You can use them to supply extra steps of algebra if you need them or for additional background information or for extra depth. You may not need them at all. They are too detailed to serve as replacements for the lectures. Note that they are updated continually; if something arises in a lecture, even the 2011 versions below may change after a day or two.
Chapter 0 2011
Chapter 1 2011
Chapter 2 2011
Chapter 3 2011
Chapter 4 2011
Chapter 5 2011
Chapter 6 2011