Stephen Hawking 60th Birthday Scientific Workshop
Monday 7th - Thursday 10th January 2002

Follow the links below for video (512kbps) and audio (16kbps) footage of the talks.
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Sunday 6th January:

6.00-8.00 pm: Evening reception and registration, sponsored by Cambridge University Press

Monday 7th January:

9.30-10.30 am Morning Coffee

Welcome RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

Cosmological singularities

10.30 am: George Ellis - Cosmological singularities and perturbations RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
11.00 am: Matt Visser - The quantum physics of chronology protection RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

Classical black holes

11.30 am: Brandon Carter - Uniqueness theorems and black hole thermodynamics RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
12.00 pm: Werner Israel - Black hole uniqueness and the inner horizon stability problem RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

12.30-2.00 pm: Lunch

2.00 pm: Martin Rees - The evidence for astrophysical black holes RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
2.30 pm: Kip Thorne - The quest for gravitational waves from black holes RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

Primordial black holes

3.00 pm: Fay Dowker - Topology Change in Quantum Gravity RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
3.30 pm: Bernard Carr - Primordial black holes RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

4.00-4.30 pm: Afternoon tea

4:30 pm: Raphael Bousso - Inflation and Primordial Black Holes RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
5.15 pm: Simon Ross - Black Hole Pair Creation RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
5.45 pm: Ian Moss - Zeta functions and Anomalies RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
6.15 pm: Steve Giddings - Black Holes at Colliders RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

6.45 pm: Finish

Tuesday 8th January:

Euclidean quantum gravity

10:15 am: Gary Gibbons - Euclidean quantum gravity: The view from 2002 RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

11:00-11.30 am: Morning coffee

Global issues in quantum gravity

11.30 am: Gerard 't Hooft - Holography has its Price, or, How does God play Dice? RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

12.30-2.00 pm: Lunch

Hawking radiation and information loss

2.00 pm: Gary Horowitz - Understanding black hole entropy RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
2.45 pm: Malcolm Perry - Black Holes and String Theory RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

3.15-4.00 pm: Afternoon tea

4.00 pm: Andy Strominger - De Sitter Space, Conformal Invariance and Holography RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

M-Theory and beyond

4.45 pm: Edward Witten - Future Prospects RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

5.30 pm: Finish

Wednesday 9th January

9.45 am: Morning Coffee

M-Theory and beyond, continued

10.30 am: Michael Green - String theory RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
11.00 am: Paul Townsend - The Story of M RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
11.30 am: Chris Pope - Special Holonomy and Gravitational Instantons RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
12.00 pm: Nick Warner - AdS/CFT correspondence RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

12.30-2.00 pm: Lunch

2.00 pm: Renata Kallosh - Supergravity, M-theory and Cosmology RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
2.45 pm: David Gross - String theory RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
3.15 pm: Joseph Polchinski - M-theory RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
3.45 pm: Leonard Susskind - Stephen Hawking and the holographic principle RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

4.15-4.45 pm: Afternoon tea

The Conference Mug Revealed RealVideo (512kbps)

Quantum cosmology and the no-boundary proposal

4.45 pm: Jim Hartle - The State of the Universe RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
5.15 pm: Don Page - Quantum cosmology RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
5.45 pm: Alex Vilenkin - An alternative view of quantum cosmology RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

6.15 pm: Finish

Thursday 10th January

Quantum cosmology and the no-boundary proposal, Continued

9.30 am: Bryce De Witt - Probability in the Deterministic Theory Known as Quantum Mechanics RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
10.00 am: Jonathan Halliwell - The interpretation of quantum cosmology and the problem of time RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

10.30-11.00 am: Morning Coffee

11.00 am: Peter D'Eath - What local supersymmetry can do for quantum cosmology RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)


11.30 am: Jim Bardeen - The origin of cosmological perturbations RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
12.00 pm: Alan Guth - Inflation and cosmological perturbations RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

12.30-2.00 pm: Lunch

2.00 pm: Pierre Binetruy - Braneworlds RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
2.30 pm: Neil Turok - Before the big bang RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
3.00 pm: Paul Shellard - The Observational and Computational Prospects RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
3.20 pm: Andrei Linde - Inflation and creation of matter in the Universe RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

3.50-4.20 pm: Afternoon tea


4.20 pm: Alexei Starobinski - Higher derivative inflation and stochastic inflation RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)
5.05 pm: Roger Penrose - Gravitational singularities and cosmic censorship RealVideo (512kbps)RealAudio (16kbps)

7-7.45 pm: Drinks Reception

7.45 pm: Conference Banquet at St John's College*
*Please notify us in advance of special dietary requirements

Friday 11th January

Stephen Hawking 60th Birthday Symposium

Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road
United Kingdom

This workshop has been made possible primarily through the generous support of PPARC, the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council.


The opening night reception is sponsored by Cambridge University Press.


Other sponsors for the workshop can be found on the sponsors page.