Waving Cilium Waving Cilium

Tamsin Anne Spelman



Arbitrary axisymmetric steady streaming: Flow, force and propulsion. Tamsin A. Spelman and Eric Lauga. J. Eng. Math., 2016 (to appear)


Bubble-based acoustic micro-swimmers. N. Bertin, T. Spelman, O. Stephan, L. Gredy, M. Bouriau, E. Lauga and P. Marmottant. Phys. Rev. Applied, 4, 064012, 2015.

Industry Reports

Reports from the European Study Group with Industry (ESGI)

2016 Automatic Optimised Design of Umbilicals

N. Bootland,F.B. Planella, J.Christmas, D. Lunz, J.Dewynne, N. Fadai, A. Gower, P. Hicks, V. Kovalchuk, A. Lacey, M. Lackner, S. Lee, J. Ockendon, V. Pereira, B. Piette, R. Purvis, T. Roy, T. Spelman, R. Timms

2015 Functional data privacy algorithms for user based insurance

T. Spelman and D. Wood

Additional Reports

2013 Visiting Scientist at the Met Office,
Post Masters Consultancy Project

www.maths.cam.ac.uk/careers/PMCS [pdf]