Trinity College, Circa 1972

FPUK v3.0

Fundamental Physics UK
Trinity College, Cambridge
6-7 November 2009

For the 2011 conference, FPUK IV, please see here


FPUK 2009 is the third in an annual series of meetings covering topical issues in theoretical physics. The aim is to bring together the national community for an informal meeting which is designed to encourage discussion and collaboration. This year, talks will cover aspects of LHC physics, Integrability in String Theory, Dark Matter, Scattering Amplitudes, and the AdS/CFT Correspondence with specific focus on applications to Black Holes and Condensed Matter Physics.

The conference poster can be downloaded here. Webpages for previous FPUK conferences can be found here and here.


Registration is now closed because the conference occured in the past.


Bobby Acharya (ICTP)
Nick Dorey (Cambridge)
Anne Green (Nottingham)
Mukund Rangamani(Durham)
Julian Sonner (Imperial)
Gabriele Travaglini (QMUL)


David Berman (QMUL)
Veronika Hubeny (Durham)
Neil Lambert (KCL)
Harvey Reall (Cambridge)
David Tong (Cambridge)


Bobby Acharya (ICTP)
Adi Armoni (Swansea)
James Bedford (Imperial)
Paolo Benincasa (Durham)
David Berman (QMUL)
Joe Bhaseen (Cambridge)
Jonas Bjornsson (Cambridge)
Stefano Bolognesi (Cambridge)
Andi Brandhuber (QMUL)
Xingang Chen (Cambridge)
Joe Conlon (Oxford)
Nigel Cooper (Cambridge)
Diego Correa (Cambridge)
Sera Cremonini (Texas A&M and Cambridge)
Nick Dorey (Cambridge)
Nick Evans (Southampton)
Pau Figueras (Durham)
Jerome Gauntlett (Imperial)
Ruth Gregory (Durham)
Anne Green (Nottingham)
Jan Gutowski (KCL)
Amihay Hanany (Imperial)
Tim Hollowood (Swansea)
Veronika Hubeny (Durham)
Chris Hull (Imperial)
Vishnu Jejjala (London)
Sugumi Kanno (Durham)
David Kubiznak (Cambridge)
Prem Kumar (Swansea)
Neil Lambert (KCL)
James Lucietti (Durham)
Jorma Louko (Nottingham)
Anshuman Maharana (Cambridge)
Jock McCorist (Cambridge)
Thomas Mohaupt (Liverpool)
Carlos Nunez (Swansea)
Hugh Osborn (Cambridge)
Tony Padilla (Nottingham)
Costis Papageogakis (KCL)
Kasper Peeters (Durham)
Sanjaye Ramgoolam (QMUL)
Mukund Rangamani (Durham)
Harvey Reall (Cambridge)
Fabio Riccioni (KCL)
Simon Ross (Durham)
Annamaria Sinkovics (Cambridge)
Julian Sonner (Imperial)
Andrei Starinets (Oxford)
David Tong (Cambridge)
Gabriele Travaglini (QMUL)
Dan Waldram (Imperial)
Claude Warnick (Cambridge)
Toby Wiseman (Imperial)
Martin Wolf (Cambridge)
Marija Zamaklar (Durham)


This workshop is sponsored by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Conference Series Fund, and the Gravitational Physics Group of the Institute of Physics (GPG/IoP). Conference image by Andrew Dunn.