David Tong -- Video Lectures on Quantum Field Theory -- University of Cambridge

Video Lectures on Quantum Field Theory

These are videos of the lectures given at the Perimeter Institute PSI programme in 2009. Each video is in wmv format and somewhere around 130 Mb. More formats are available for download at the Perimeter Institute webpage.

The lectures follow the printed notes which are available on the main quantum field theory webpage.

Lecture 1

Introductory remarks on quantum field theory and classical field theory, roughly covering pages 1-10 of the printed notes.

Lecture 2

Noether's theorem and the energy momentum tensor: pages 11-17 of the printed notes.

Lecture 3

A few last comments on classical field theory. The beginning of canonical quantization for the free scalar field. Roughly pages 18-24 of the printed notes.

Lecture 4

More on canonical quantization, including normal ordering, the vacuum and the interpretation of particles. Pages 25-33

Lecture 5

Yet more canonical quantization, including the Heisenberg picture and causality. Pages 34-38.

Lecture 6

Propagators. The beginnings of interactions. Pages 38-41 and 47-50.

Lecture 7

Interactions. Dysons formula and a first look at scattering. Pages 50-55.

Lecture 8

Wick's theorem, Feynman diagrams and examples of scattering amplitudes. Pages 56-62.

Lecture 9

Finishing off scattering amplitudes. A look at the algebra of the Lorentz group. Roughly pages 62-69 and 81-84

Lecture 10

The spinor representation of the Lorentz group. The Dirac equation. Pages 85-90

Lecture 11

Solving the Dirac equation and a first look at quantization and statistics. Various bits from pages 90-108

Lecture 12

Quantizing fermions. Scattering amplitudes. Pages 108-118

Lecture 13

Quantum Electrodynamics. Gauge fixing. Quantization in Lorentz gauge. Pages 124-134

Lecture 14

Coupling light and matter. Feynman rules. Scattering amplitudes. Pages 135-The End.