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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


Constitutive model for shear-thickening suspensions: Predictions for steady shear with superposed transverse oscillations
JJJ Gillissen, C Ness, JD Peterson, HJ Wilson, ME Cates
– Journal of Rheology
Constitutive Model for Time-Dependent Flows of Shear-Thickening Suspensions.
JJJ Gillissen, C Ness, JD Peterson, HJ Wilson, ME Cates
– Phys Rev Lett
Inference, prediction and optimization of non-pharmaceutical interventions using compartment models: the PyRoss library
R Adhikari, A Bolitho, F Caballero, ME Cates, J Dolezal, T Ekeh, J Guioth, RL Jack, J Kappler, L Kikuchi, H Kobayashi, YI Li, JD Peterson, P Pietzonka, B Remez, PB Rohrbach, R Singh, G Turk
Efficient and flexible methods for time since infection models
JD Peterson, R Adhikari
Efficient Bayesian inference of fully stochastic epidemiological models with applications to COVID-19
YI Li, G Turk, PB Rohrbach, P Pietzonka, J Kappler, R Singh, J Dolezal, T Ekeh, L Kikuchi, JD Peterson, H Kobayashi, ME Cates, R Adhikari, RL Jack

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