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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


I moved to the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath. This is my new department web page. My personal web page is


Research Interests

Inverse Problems, Variational Methods, Mathematical Imaging, Mathematics of Machine Learning


I taught Introduction to Nonlinear Spectral Analysis in Lent term 2021/2022 and Inverse Problems in 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.

Personal Web Page

NB: the list of publications below is generated automatically and may be incomplete. For an up-to-date list and more details about my research and teaching please visit my personal web page



Eigenvalue problems in 𝐿^{∞}: optimality conditions, duality, and relations with optimal transport
L Bungert, Y Korolev
– Communications of the American Mathematical Society
Gaussian random fields on non-separable Banach spaces
Y Korolev, J Latz, C-B Schönlieb
Data Driven Reconstruction Using Frames and Riesz Bases
A Aspri, L Frischauf, Y Korolev, O Scherzer
Eigenvalue Problems in $\mathrm{L}^\infty$: Optimality Conditions, Duality, and Relations with Optimal Transport
L Bungert, Y Korolev
– Comm. Amer. Math. Soc. 2 (2022), 345-373
Two-layer neural networks with values in a Banach space
Y Korolev
Data driven regularization by projection
A Aspri, Y Korolev, O Scherzer
– Inverse Problems
Variational regularisation for inverse problems with imperfect forward operators and general noise models
L Bungert, M Burger, Y Korolev, C-B Schönlieb
– Inverse Probl
Structural analysis of an $L$-infinity variational problem and relations to distance functions
L Bungert, Y Korolev, M Burger
– Pure and Applied Analysis
Deeply learned spectral total variation decomposition
TG Grossmann, Y Korolev, G Gilboa, CB Schönlieb
– Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems
Total Variation Regularisation with Spatially Variable Lipschitz Constraints.
M Burger, Y Korolev, S Parisotto, C-B Schönlieb
– CoRR
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Research Group

Cambridge Image Analysis