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Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics and Nonlinear Dynamics


  • 2018-today: PhD student in Astrophysics, University of Cambridge
  • 20012-2018: BSc & MSc in Physics, University of Tuebingen, Germany


Nicolas is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics research group. His current research interests are planet formation and in particular planet-disc interactions that lead to planet migration.

Selected Publications

  • N.P. Cimerman, W. Kley, & R. Kuiper (2018)
    Formation of a planetary Laplace resonance through migration in an eccentric disk - The case of GJ876
    Astronomy & Astrophysics, 618, A169
  • N.P. Cimerman, R. Kuiper, & C.W. Ormel (2017)
    Hydrodynamics of embedded planets' first atmospheres - III. The role of radiation transport for super-Earth planets

    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 471, Issue 4, p.4662-4676

Research Group

Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics




01223 760393