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  • 2022-date: Research Associate in the Fluid Dynamics of Decontamination, DAMTP
  • 2018-2022: PhD Student, DAMTP
  • 2014-2018: BA/MMath, Mathematics, Trinity College Cambridge


George recently completed a PhD in the Biological Physics group of Professor Raymond Goldstein in DAMTP, studying collective motion, namely phenomena resulting from the interactions of many individuals. He is interested in investigating flows in absorbent media from a dual experimental and theortical perpective, particularly focussing on bacterial biofilms and hydrogel.

Academic Service

Referee for Physical Review E since 2021.


Undergraduate supervisions for a range of mathematical methods courses in the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge (Variational Principles and Methods Michealmas 2018-2020 and Complex Methods Lent 2018-2020). 



Biofilm Growth Under Elastic Confinement
G Fortune, N Oliveira, R Goldstein
The fluid dynamics of collective vortex structures of plant-animal worms
GT Fortune, A Worley, AB Sendova-Franks, NR Franks, KC Leptos, E Lauga, RE Goldstein
– Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Droplet absorption and spreading into thin layers of polymer hydrogels
MA Etzold, GT Fortune, JR Landel, SB Dalziel

Research Group

Biological Physics and Mechanics




01223 764051