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Researchers: Jonathan Williams, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Tom Swinfield, David A. Coomes

We are developing image analysis tools and applications to use UAV data a way to track restoration of tropical rainforests. Equipping commercially available UAVs with different sensors allows the health of plants to be measure, such as through multispectral or thermal imagery. Combining spectral data with 3D models derived through Structure from Motion approaches it is then possible to quantify structure and traits of the trees in tropical forests. We are looking at developing robust and automated methods to allow conservation managers to use UAVs to increase the scope and efficiency of their resource use.


This project is part of the one of our collaborative projects: INTEGRAL

Related Publications 

Mangrove Phenology and Environmental Drivers Derived from Remote Sensing in Southern Thailand
T Swinfield, JA Lindsell, JV Williams, RD Harrison, Agustiono, Habibi, E Gemita, CB Schönlieb, DA Coomes – Remote Sensing (2019) 11, 955