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About Debbie

I am a Computer Officer in Maths. I am responsible for the User Accounts side of things. Both the practical and the development and maintance of the systems we use for this in Maths.

I joined The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics as a Computer Officer in August 2000 as a unix system administrator. I do less of that nowadays as I discovered the joys of databases. Before the two maths departments merged for IT I was also in charge of the documentation. I am a member of Pembroke College.

Prior to working here, I worked in the Computer Centre at University College Dublin.

I have a degree in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin.

In my spare time I collect Fisher Price Little People figures and furniture (1960s-1980s) and also collect Girls' School Stories and the girls comics from the 20th century.

I am a trustee for a charity called Autscape (registered number 1141913).

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