Theoretical studies of astrophysical fluid dynamics applied to accretion discs and extrasolar planetary systems

Introductory material

Astrophysical discs


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Current research interests

Magnetic fields in astrophysical discs
Dynamics of warped and eccentric astrophysical discs
Tides in giant planets and stars
Satellite-disc interactions
Dynamics of planetary rings

Current research students

Elliot Lynch
Philip Leung
Callum Fairbairn

Former research students

Adrian Barker
Harry Braviner
Cara (CJ) Donnelly
Bárbara Trovão Ferreira
Simon Goodchild
Henrik Latter
Joseph Paris
Riccardo Vanon
Aaron Wienkers (MPhil)

Astrophysics research group
Cambridge Exoplanet Research Centre


Published by Gordon Ogilvie, October 2019