David Tong -- Video Lectures on the Quantum Hall Effect -- University of Cambridge

Video Lectures on the Quantum Hall Effect

These are videos of the lectures given at TIFR, Mumbai in 2015. Lecture 1 is missing. It covers some basics about the classical Hall effect and Landau levels in quantum mechanics.

The lectures follow the printed notes which are available on the main quantum Hall effect webpage.

Lecture 2

Berry phase. The integer quantum Hall effect.

Lecture 3

Integer quantum Hall effect. Laughlin's gauge invariance argument. TKNN invariants.

Lecture 4

More on TKNN. The fractional quantum Hall effect. Laughlin wavefunctions.

Lecture 5

The plasma analogy. Quasi-particles and quasi-holes. Fractional charge and statistics.

Lecture 6

Topological order. Other filling fractions. Composite fermions. The half-filled Landau level.

Lecture 7

Non-Abelian quantum Hall states.

Lecture 8

Chern-Simons theory.

Lecture 9

Chern-Simons theory for non-Abelian Hall states.

Lecture 10

Edge modes.

Lecture 11

Edge modes and the bulk-boundary correspondence.