From Maps to Circuits: Models and Mechanisms for Generating Neural Connections

28/29 July 2014, Edinburgh UK


Stephen Eglen, Matthias Hennig, Andrew Huberman, David Sterratt, Ian Thompson, David Willshaw

Updates since the meeting

If you enjoyed this meeting, please consider attending MAPS 2015 to be hosted in Strasbourg, 7-9 December 2015.

Some research articles and reviews relating to work presented at the meeting will appear in a special issue of Developmental Neurobiology in Spring 2015.

Thanks to all of our speakers and attendees for making the meeting so enjoyable. Thanks also to our sponsors for their financial support, and to University of Edinburgh (in particular Suzanne Perry) for administrative support.

Aim of the meeting

Understanding the development of the nervous system is a key challenge that has been approached by both experimental and theoretical neuroscientists. In recent years there has been a gradual move towards the two groups working more with each other. The idea of this workshop is to bring key people together who have shown an interest at combining theoretical and experimental techniques to discuss current problems in neuronal development, and plan future collaborative efforts.

Time at the end of each day of the workshop will be devoted to a group discussion about questions that have been raised during the day to identify possible research directions and people willing to pursue them.


A preliminary version of the programme is available.


Registration for the meeting is now closed.


Tom Clandinin (Stanford), Michael Crair (Yale), Uwe Drescher (Kings College London), Irina Erchova (Cardiff), David Feldheim (UC Santa Cruz), Geoffrey Goodhill (U Queensland), Robert Hindges (Kings College London), Sonja Hofer (Basel), Christoph von der Malsburg (Franfurt), Hitoshi Sakano (U Tokyo), David Wilkinson (NIMR, London), David Willshaw (Edinburgh), Fred Wolf (Gottingen).


This meeting is supported by Cambridge University Press, Company of Biologists, Doctoral Training Centre in Neuroinformatics and Comptuational Neuroscience, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Guarantors of Brain, Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation, Wellcome Trust.

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