Research in Astrophysics

Please follow the links below if you are interested to know more about my research in astrophysics.
I have grouped them by subject, although in most cases overlapping is present.
Some works are published in refereed journals, others in conference books.

Some works presented here are unpublished. People are free to use them, as long as proper reference is given.

My PhD thesis (single pdf file).
The entire voluminous (392 pages!) PhD Thesis , mainly on spectroscopic diagnostics and solar SOHO/CDS observations. Most material still unpublished in other journals.
Solar Active Regions
A lot of material, some published, on SOHO, TRACE, YOHKOH (and others) observations of Solar Active Regions.
This page contains links to pages that contain various information relevant to SOHO CDS. From the calibration to the diagnostic potential of CDS.
Atomic data
Links to pages containing atomic data and applications
High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy. Plasma diagnostics of stellar coronae, assessment of atomic physics data, line identifications etc.
Spectroscopic diagnostics
Spectroscopic diagnostics and applications.
Solar coronal holes and plumes

Having been the first one to identify the Elephant's Trunk in 1996, no wonder you will find a lot about coronal holes and plumes here.
Conferences I have been
Going to conferences is not strictly research, but has become an integral part of it for many people ...


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Giulio Del Zanna May 2003