Prospective PhD Students

You'd typically be meeting me once a week during our first year, unless I'm away. This is so we can catch up, you can ask questions, and I can see how the work is progressing (or not). You should come to the Cambridge Pheno Working Group meeting. It's got an international reputation, you will absorb a lot of useful knowledge from listening to the conversations there, and you will benefit from developing experimental contacts/collaborators. It is at every Wednesdy during term-time, 10:30 in the Cavndish HEP library.

You would come to the phenomenology seminars.

In terms of teaching, I'll likely ask you to help teach some examples classes on my part III course: Symmetries, Fields and Particles. It's good cash and looks great on a CV. You would mark test, set by me. You would earn decent cash doing this. This is the "Early Offers" test: probably less than a day's full-time work. There will be model solutions and a detailed mark scheme, and I would go through how to mark (etc) with you. I'd also check a portion of your marking (particularly the first few scripts), and look at any queries you have.

Your first research project would be set by me, and we will work on it together. After this, I'll encourage you to also work with others (perhaps with me as well - perhaps not) in Cambridge - this is very handy for getting other referees for future job applications (typically, you need three).