Professor Timothy J. Pedley, F.R.S.

G.I.Taylor Professor of Fluid Dynamics

Research Interests:

1. Blood flow and wall shear stress in arteries: time-dependent flow in tubes of complex three dimensional geometry. Medical application of blood flow on atherosclerosis; the failure of femoral bypass grafts. Mechanics of individual endothelial cells.

2. Gas flow and mixing in pulmonary airways: energy loss during oscillatory flow; shear-augmented dispersion of gases. Medical application: high-frequency ventilation of premature infants; delivery of anesthetic or polluting gases; drug supply by aerosol.

3. Flow and self-excited oscillations in collapsible tubes. Biological and medical applications: blood-flow in the (giraffe) jugular vein, flow limitation and wheezing on forced expiration, hydrodynamics in the presence of prostatic hypertrophy.

4. Peristaltic pumping in the ureter: the coupling of hydrodynamics to (smooth) muscle mechanics.

5. Modelling salt and water transport across cell membranes and pumping epithelia.

6. Fish swimming: the coupling of hydrodynamics to (skeletal) muscle mechanics and tissue solid mechanics.

7. Insect aerodynamics: (cf. recent experiments by C.P.Ellington Zoology).

8. Aquatic filter feeding.

9. Bioconvective pattern formation in suspensions of swimming micro-organisms(a) gyrotatic algae, (b) chemotactic bacteria.

10. Development of macroscopic or continuum models of populations of biological organisms whose individual, microscopic behaviour is random and whose environment may also be random. Examples: plankton interaction in a turbulent ocean; chemotactic bacteria in moving fluids; uptake or production of chemicals by cells in a bioreactor.

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T.J. Pedley, FRS
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,
University of Cambridge,
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