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Today 13:00

Active particles powered by Quincke rotation in a bulk fluid
Debasish Das (University of Cambridge)
DAMTP BioLunch

Today 13:00

A superconformal bootstrap approach to the"simplest" Argyres-Douglas theory
Madalena Lemos (CERN)
Quantum Fields and Strings Seminars

Today 14:15

Asymptotic performance of port-based teleportation
Felix Leditzky
CQIF Seminar

Today 14:30

Analytic functions in Bernoulli percolation
Agelos Georgakopoulos (University of Warwick)
Combinatorics Seminar

Today 15:30

Grout (or the story of how my coauthor stopped me from naming things)
Scott Balchin (University of Warwick)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series

Today 15:45

What is a pro-operad?
Michael Ching (Amherst College)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series