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Today 16:00

Dynamics of DNA Minicircles in Motion via Fourier Analysis of Functional Time Series
Shahin Tavakoli (University of Cambridge)
Cambridge Analysts' Knowledge Exchange (C.A.K.E.)

Tomorrow 11:00

The structure and logic of axis extension in Drosophila
Blanchard, G (University of Cambridge)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series

Tomorrow 13:00

Disordered Quantum Criticality and Thermal Conductivities
David Ramirez - Stanford
String Theory Seminars

Tomorrow 14:15

The complexity of antiferromagnetic 2-qubit interactions and 2D lattices
Stephen Piddock (University of Bristol)
wm266's list

Tomorrow 15:00

Mathematical aspects of collective dynamics and self-organization
Pierre Degon (Imperial College)
Applied and Computational Analysis

Friday October 9 12:30

Computable analysis and games in descriptive set theory
Nobrega, H (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series