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Tomorrow 13:00

Cosmic ruler and cosmic ladder
Licia Verde (ICREA/ICC Barcelona& ITA Oslo)
Cosmology lunch

Tomorrow 14:10

Migration of Populations via Marriages in the Past
Mason Porter (University of Oxford)
Cambridge SIAM Chapter

Tomorrow 14:50

Conformal Geometric Algebra: Applications in Computer Graphics, CAD and Inertial Navigation
Joan Lasenby (Department of Engineering)
Cambridge SIAM Chapter

Tomorrow 15:30

Stirring solutions: mixing industrial challenges with Mathematics
Colm Caulfield (DAMTP)
Cambridge SIAM Chapter

Tomorrow 16:00

Magnetic Rossby waves in the Earth's core
Kumiko Hori (Leeds)
DAMTP Astrophysics Seminar

Tomorrow 16:30

Efficient advert assignment
Frank Kelly (Statslab)
Cambridge SIAM Chapter