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Today 11:00

Lecture 6 - The interacting dimer model
Alessandro Giuliani (Universitàdegli Studi Roma Tre)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series

Today 13:00

Strong cosmic censorship in de Sitter spacetimes.
Felicity Eperon (University of Cambridge)
DAMTP Friday GR Seminar

Today 13:45

Geometric results on linear actions of reductive Lie groups for applications to homogeneous dynamics
Rodolphe Richard (Cambridge)
Geometric Group Theory (GGT) Seminar

Today 15:00

Geometric Invariant Theory and Moduli Problems
Joshua Jackson (Oxford)
Junior Geometry Seminar

Today 16:00

Nonparametric Bayes for support boundary recovery
Johannes Schmidt-Hieber, University of Leiden

Today 16:00

Heavy physics contributions to neutrinoless double beta decay from QCD
Nicolas Garron (Liverpool University)
HEP phenomenology joint Cavendish-DAMTP seminar