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Tomorrow 11:00

A Bayesian approach to parameter identification in Turing systems
Campillo-Funollet, E (University of Sussex)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series

Tomorrow 12:15

Modelling the Impact of MenAfriVac in the African Meningitis Belt
Andromachi Karachaliou (University of Cambridge Department of Ve
Worms and Bugs

Tomorrow 13:00

Loops in exceptional field theory
Guillaume Bossard, CPHT Polytechnique.
String Theory Seminars

Tomorrow 14:00

The fundamental group from a Tannakian viewpoint
Georgios Charalambous
Junior Category Theory Seminar

Tomorrow 14:15

Some algebraic structures in computational quantum mechanics
Pranav Singh (University of Cambridge)
CQIF Seminar

Tomorrow 14:30

A Concentration Inequality for Product Spaces
Konstantinos Tyros (Warwick)
Combinatorics Seminar