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Today 19:00

Reinventing the wheel: what is the purpose of a proof?
Dr. Vicky Neale (Oxford)
The Archimedeans (CU Mathematical Society)

Monday October 23 13:00

Aquaplanet and stationary wave monsoons
Ruth Geen (University of Exeter)
Geophysical and Environmental Processes (DAMTP/BPI)

Monday October 23 13:00

Cosmological scalar fields
Clare Burrage (Nottingham)
Cosmology Lunch

Monday October 23 14:00

Meteorite paleomagnetism: Constraints on the rearrangement of the planets and the formation of the first solids
James Bryson (Earth Sciences, Cambridge)
DAMTP Astrophysics Seminar

Monday October 23 14:15

Mirror symmetry for affine hypersurfaces
Benjamin Gammage, Berkeley
Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Monday October 23 16:00

Improving Openness and Reproducibility of Scientific Research
Dr Timothy Errington
Seminars on Quantitative Biology @ CRUK Cambridge Institute