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Tomorrow 11:00

A variational approach to Phi^4_3
Massimiliano Gubinelli (Universität Bonn)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series

Tomorrow 14:00

Impact of an axisymmetric magnetic field on gravity waves in rapidly rotating stars
Vincent Prat (CEA Saclay)
DAMTP Astrophysics Seminar

Tomorrow 15:00

Title to be confirmed
Ayman Moussa, Sorbonne Université(Paris)
Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations seminar

Tomorrow 16:30

Non invasive detection of tissue specific cell death via methylation patterns of circulating DNA
Prof Yuval Dor from The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Schoo
Seminars on Quantitative Biology @ CRUK Cambridge Institute

Tuesday November 20 13:00

Title to be confirmed
Philip K. C. Leung
Informal Lunch Seminars in AFD