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A Astrophysics

3A1     Astrophysical Fluid Dynamic
3A2     Structure and Evolution of Stars
3A3     Magnetohydrodynamics
3A7     Dynamics of Astrophysical Discs
3A9     Planetary System Dynamics
3A10    Binary Stars
3A11    Galactic Astronomy and Dynamics
3A12    Origin and Evolution of Galaxies
3A14    Extrasolar Planets

C Continuum Mechanics

3C1     Slow Viscous Flow
3C7     Perturbation Methods
3C19    Fluid Dynamics of the Environment
3C21    Fluid Dynamics of Climate
3C25    Direct and Inverse Scattering of Waves
3C27    Fluid Dynamics of the Solid Earth
3C28	Hydrodynamics Stability
3C29	Active Biological Fluids

N Applied and Computational Analysis

3N6     Distribution Theory and Applications
3N16	Set-Valued Analysis and Optimisation
3N17	Inverse Problems

P Particle Physics, Quantum Fields and Strings

3P1     Quantum Field Theory
3P2     Symmetries, Fields and Particles
3P3     Standard Model
3P5     Advanced Quantum Field Theory
3P6     String Theory
3P7     Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions
3P9     Statistical Field Theory
3P11    Classical and Quantum Solitons

Q Quantum Information and Quantum Foundations

3Q1     Quantum Information
3Q2     Quantum Computation

R Relativity and Gravitation

3R1     General Relativity
3R2     Cosmology
3R3     Black Holes
3R5     Advanced Cosmology
3R6     Applications of Differential Geometry to Physics
3R12	Spinor Techniques in General Relativity