Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability and the Environment

Summer School, 2018

A directory containing the computational projects for the 2018 Summer School can be downloaded here.

A directory containing the code for Project 3 from Ali Mashayek is here.

Descriptions of the projects using SAMBUCA are here and here.


Diablo is an open-source CFD solver that I originally developed with Tom Bewley and others at UCSD since my time as a PhD student. It solves the incompressible, Boussinesq Navier-Stokes equations in several simple geometries. The full version, written in Fortran, can be found here.

I recently wrote a 2D version of Diablo, entirely using the MATLAB scripting language, which can be downloaded below along with the User's Guide, which contains more details. While limited to flow in a 2D plane, it can handle a wide variety of boundary conditions, and rotating and stratified flows. Note that this version is intended for educational purposes, and has not been fully tested for use in academic research.

MATLAB version of Diablo

PDF of the Users guide for the MATLAB version