Group pictures over the years

July 2018: From left to right: Edward Beaty, Andy Zhao, Eric Lauga, Christian Esparza-López, Alex Chamolly, Maria Tătulea-Codrean, Maciej Lisicki, Debasish Das, Lyndon Koens.

June 2017: From left to right: Justas Dauparas, Albane Thery, Lyndon Koens, Debasish Das, Eric Lauga, Yi Man, Gabriele De Canio, Panayiota Katsamba, Alex Chamolly, Giacomo Gallino, Emily Riley, Maciej Lisicki.

July 2016: From left to right: Thomas Montenegro-Johnson, Maria Tătulea-Codrean, Gabriele De Canio, Lyndon Koens, Maciej Lisicki, Yi Man, Eric Lauga, Emily Riley, Justas Dauparas, Tamsin Spelman, Mario Rodrigues, Maxime Gantier, Shang-Yik Reigh.

May 2013: From left to right: Etienne Guerin, Usama Kadri (visiting from MIT), Papa Gueye, Yi Man, Martin Charrel, Gregory Wagner, On Shun Pak, Francois Nadal (visiting from CEA, Bordeaux, France), Diego Lopez, Eric Lauga.

June 2011: From left to right: On Shun Pak, Gregory Wagner, Lailai Zhu (visiting from KTH, Stockholm, Sweden), Nicolas Florent, Eric Lauga, Dr. Art Evans, Christophe Eloy (visiting from IRPHE, Marseille, France), Saverio Spagnolie, Gwynn Elfring, Fanny Thomas.

June 2010: From left to right: Loic Was, Martin Sauzade, Saverio Spagnolie, Eric Lauga, Gwynn Elfring, Art Evans, Jean-Baptiste Desforges, Ben Heldt, Sandra Ferraguti, Delphine Chardon, Clement Mettot, On Shun Pak, Dor Ashur.

May 2009: From left to right: Romain Labat, Julien Alenda, Jean-Philippe Peraud, Jean Castex, Eric Lauga, Gwynn Elfring, On Shun Pak, Christophe du Rotois, Saverio Spagnolie, Gary Oger, Art Evans, Maja Stoevhase, Loïc Tadrist, Dor Ashur.

June 2008: From left to right: Eric Lauga, Achille Lerpiniere, Victor Alonso, Fabien Lepere, Arthur Evans.