High Energy Physics Group

Michael B. Green


Lucasian Professor of Mathematics

SUPERSTRINGS - 1986 Scientific American article

European Research Council Advanced Grant - Properties and Applications of the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence

Selected Awards

2014 Fundamental Physics Prize Physics

2014 Physics Frontiers Prize

2013 Honorary Fellowship of Institute of Physics

2010 Honorary Fellowship, Churchill College, Cambridge

2009 Honorary Fellowship, Clare Hall, Cambridge

2007 Naylor Prize (London Mathematical Society)

2004 Dirac Medal (Institute of Physics)

2004 Honorary DSc, Queen Mary University of London

2002 Dannie Heinemann Prize (American Physical Society)

1989 Dirac Medal (International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste)

1989 Fellowship of the Royal Society

Selected Publications

Recent Publications (from SPIRES database 1995-present)

Book: Superstring Theory (CUP 1987) Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

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