On the use and significance of isentropic potential-vorticity maps

(B. J. Hoskins, M. E. McIntyre and A. W. Robertson)

This major review -- which for the sake of correct perceptual grouping should have had the title `On the use and significance of isentropic maps of potential vorticity' -- appeared in 1985 in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 111 pp. 877-946.

A supplementary note with corrigenda etc appeared in 1987 in vol. 113 pp. 402-404. Here are the reprints, copyright © Royal Meteorological Society: main review paper (5.7 Mbyte); corrigenda etc (0.4 Mbyte).

Here is a scanned copy, with corrections, of a supplementary review I wrote for the Beijing Tropical Cyclone proceedings (1993).

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