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  Quick3dApplet is a java library for rendering 3d textured models from
  within an applet.

  Please read the file COPYING for license details.


  You will need to have access to a java compiler.
  If you are running linux, this may be supplied with your
  distribution (look for "jdk" in your package manager).
  The sun java development kit  can be downloaded from


  1. First you need to download "TinyPTC java version" from...
     I know that "" works, but later versions should
     be compatible too.

  2. unzip the archive, and copy the file into this directory

  3. Just type the following from the toplevel directory...

  This will compile the Quick3dApplet source code into class files.
  The example applets can be viewed by the commands..
    appletviewer example1.html
    appletviewer example2.html
    appletviewer example3.html
    appletviewer example4.html
    appletviewer example5.html
    appletviewer example6.html
  ...or if you wish, you can use a java enabled browser rather than
  appletviewer. An index.html is provided for your convenience...
    mozilla index.html


  By        Trenkwalder
  Email     Markus
  UsedIn    Quick3dApplet/
    Quick3dApplet works on a scanline basis, and is therefore quite
  different to which renders whole triangles.
  Quick3dApplet uses the Mouse movement capture and the same image
  drawing class as cube3d (see the acknowledgement below)

  UsedIn    Quick3dApplet/
      used for drawing to the screen

  Package   Slibo
  By        Gunther Piez
  UsedIn    example5/
    Chess pieces and board based on data copied from slibo

  Package   xjrt-b05
  By        David Hook
  Email     Contact via sourceforge
  UsedIn    3ds/
    This file handles reading the .3ds file format, many thanks to the
    original author for writing/ releasing this.
    I have made some changes to the original code, it now includes
    a private class called "Chunk" that puts the chunk reading code
    into one place, and makes handling sub-chunks easier. And
    obviously, it has also been changed to output results into the
    Quick3dApplet display applet.
    The original source file can be loaded from sourceforge, and is in
    the following directory...
    At the authors request this source file is released under its
    original licence, see the file README_FIRST.


  Q: How do I write a 3d app using this?
  A: The API (application interface) is not documentated
  yet. Therefore it is best if you look at the provided example
  applications, and for hints.

  Q: Why not use java 3d? 
  A: This code was designed to be compatible with the maximum number
  of browsers/ versions of java "out-of-the-box". Therefore it was
  decided not to use java 3d which is not part of the standard java
  distro and is not packaged with any browsers (at the time of writing

  Q: I get the following error from appletviewer
        *** Can't find image cube2.jpg
        *** You may need to copy cube2.jpg into the base directory
        java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
	at Quick3dApplet.Render.draw(
	at Cube.main(
  A: You are probably using appletviewer bundled with java version
      "1.4.2_04" (java -version)
     There seems to be a bug in this version, it can't load .jpg files
     from a jar file. Just copy the image files to the current
     directory by typing...
         cp */*.jpg .
     .. or use another browser to view (netscape or mozilla)


  The homepage is at
  Click on the "freeware" tab for the latest download.


  Get rid of taylor's expansion from PhongTri

  Make clipping work for PhongTri

  Make collision detection work for non-convex shapes


  Bump maps

  Chrome effects

  A scene map.. to allow roaming in a virtual world that
  contains many objects. This will supply the renderer with the
  subset of non-occluded Objects in the current line-of-sight.
  May even develop this to render far-off objects less frequently
  using a lower detailed model.

  API documentation

  Syncronised Sound