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Housing 2030
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Housing 2030

Three workshops on this topic focused on the challenge to the environment from the existing housing stock. It was observed that rate of replacement of housing is so slow that new housing, however efficient, can never compensate for the inefficiency of the existing stock.
A summary of the conclusions of the three workshops is here.


The first workshop, on 21 March 2011, brought together a group of experts to consider issues that will be important for housing in the sub-region in 2030. For the programme of the workshop, the speakers' slides, and a list of participants, click here, and here for a summary of the conclusions.


The second workshop, on 19 May 2011, included councillors and officers of local authorities, members of residents associations, and people from business.
Slides:Helen Mulligan
Nicky Morrison
For notes from the breakout groups click here.


Housing 2030 was be discussed also at a meeting at ideaSpace on 13 April 2011 of the Cambridge group of the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). A summary of its conclusions is here.