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Check out the Emacs Lisp List for a link to most of the emacs files out there somewhere.

Emacs code

Please send me mail if you have difficulties with any of this code. Most of it has been developed on Emacs 19.34, 20.2 -- 20.6, 21. I do try and test it on XEmacs (20,21) also. Some of this code is a little-old, so beware. Feel free to send bug reports etc.


ess-rdired.el -- a dired-like mode for R.

Buffer switching by substrings

I have written several similar versions, as the ideas have evolved . Iswitchb is the most recent, and the one currently being maintained. The latest version of iswitchb can be downloaded from savannah.gnu.org. Note that this version is unlikely to work with Emacs 20 or recent XEmacs. If you are looking for another version of iswitch to use, take one of the following:

The iswitch concept is also available in the sawfish window manager.

Earlier versions of iswitchb

iswitch-buffer.el. This uses the echo line for user entry and feedback.

sje-switch-buffer.el. The original -- don't expect much joy with this one!

Show outlines

outlines.el See your outlines in a separate buffer. This buffer can be used for navigating around in your source file. Check out also fm.el below.

Follow mode

fm.el Follow mode for output buffers (grep, occur or outlines).

Changing outline depths

changout.el. Useful for changing outline structure of outlines marked with * in emacs (needs developing).

Isearch outline

isearch-outline.el. Modification to make isearch ignore finding hidden text. Feature can be toggled on and off. This has superseded by the new variable `search-invisible' in Emacs 20.

Reading mail spool files

mspools.el. Handy method for viewing your mail spool files (created by procmail), and reading them with either VM or RMAIL.

Finding duplicate words

dupwords.el Find duplicate words within a sentence.

Extra AUC TeX bits

sje-tex-extras.el. Some extra bits I use in AUC TeX.

Email upcoming diary entries

diary-rem.el. Get Emacs to generate upcoming diary entries and mail them to you. This works well in a shell script, such as diary-rem.sh. This is part of Emacs 20.3.

Hexl follow ASCII

hexl-xtra.el Highlight the ASCII character corresponding to the current element in a hexl buffer. This is part of Emacs 20.3.

Other sites

GNU Emacs.

Emacs wiki.

Emacs installer for Win 32.

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