People in the Waves Group

[Prof. Nigel Peake]

Prof. Nigel Peake

Research interests: The aeroacoustics of turbomachinery and jets, hydroacoustics, stability of aerodynamics flows, vortex breakdown, structural vibration, fluid-structure interactions.

[Dr Robert Hunt]

Dr Robert Hunt

Research interests: causality in partial differential equations (particularly as applied to fluid flow instabilities) and special functions.

[Dr Mark Spivack]

Dr Mark Spivack

Research interests: wave propagation and scattering by rough surfaces and random media; applications to electromagnetic and acoustic propagation; inverse problems in wave scattering and coastal evolution.

[Dr Orsola Rach-Spivack]

Dr Orsola Rath-Spivack

Research interests: acoustic and electromagnetic wave scattering from rough surfaces, particularly methods for large systems and enhanced backscatter; propeller noise; the interaction between the acoustic field and various structures, such as ship hulls and oil platforms; electron impact processes at low and intermediate energies, and in the presence of laser fields; semiclassical approximations in atomic dynamics and correspondence between quantal dynamics and classical chaos; nonlinear Hamiltonian systems, particularly hydrogen and hydrogen-like systems in strong external fields; Theoretical and computational methods in underwater acoustics.

[Dr Ed Brambley]

Dr Ed Brambley

Research interests: aeroacoustics and wave interaction at fluid-solid interfaces.

[Lorna Ayton]

Dr Lorna Ayton

Research interests: asymptotic approximations for sound generated by aerofoils in steady flows with unsteady disturbances.

[Anastasia Kisil]

Dr Anastasia Kisil

PhD project: solutions of Partial Differential Equations using the Wiener-Hopf method. The Wiener-Hopf method is used for a broad collection of PDEs which arise in acoustic, finance, hydrodynamic, elasticity, potential and electromagnetic theories. It is an elegant method based on the exploitation of the analyticity properties of the functions. For the scalar Wiener-Hopf the solution can be expressed in terms of a Cauchy type integral. In more complicated scalar Wiener-Hopf equations the exact solution is difficult or slow to compute. The aim is to develop approximate methods which are easily implementable, reliable and have explicit error bounds.

[Irina Rasolonjanahary]

Irina Rasolonjanahary

PhD student.

[James Mathews]

James Mathews

PhD project: noise generation by aircraft.

[Ridhwaan Suliman]

Ridhwaan Suliman

PhD project on fluid-solid interactions: the unsteady dynamics of sea-ice interaction.

[Doran Khamis]

Doran Khamis

PhD project: aeroacoustics, particularly applied to sheared flow over acoustic linings.

[James McTavish]

James McTavish

PhD project: nonlinearity and shock waves in curved cylindrical waveguides.

[Yujun Qiao]

Yujun Qiao

PhD project:

[David Baker]

David Baker

PhD project:

[Peter Baddoo]

Peter Baddoo

PhD project:

[Owen Petrie]

Owen Petrie

PhD project: Nonlinear acoustics in boundary layers over deformable surfaces.