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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


  • 2013-date: Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK
  • 2008-2012: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK
  • 2000-2007: PhD. in Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 
  • 1995-1999: B.A. in Biological Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA


Kyriacos is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Biological Physics group. His current research interests are flagellar dynamics and the mechanisms of how micro-organisms steer towards to or away from stimuli.

Selected Publications

  • Leptos, K.C., Wan, K.Y., Polin, M., Tuval, I., Pesci, A.I., Goldstein, R.E. Antiphase synchronization in a flagellar-dominance mutant of Chlamydomonas, Phys Rev Lett 2013. Oct; 111 (15): p. 158101
  • Helliwell, K.E., Wheeler, G.L., Leptos, K.C., Goldstein, R.E., Smith, A.G. Insights into the evolution of vitamin B12 auxotrophy from sequenced algal genomes, Mol Bio Evol 2011. Oct; 28 (10): p.2921
  • Leptos, K.C., Guasto, J.S., Gollub, J.P., Pesci, A.I., Goldstein, R.E. Dynamics of enhanced tracer diffusion in suspensions of swimming eukaryotic microorganisms, Phys Rev Lett 2009. Nov; 103 (19): p. 198103
  • Drescher, K., Leptos, K.C., Tuval, I., Ishikawa, T., Pedley, T.J., and Goldstein, R.E. Dancing Volvox: Hydrodynamic bound states of swimming algae, Phys Rev Lett 2009. Apr; 102 (16): p. 168101-4.
  •  Drescher, K., Leptos, K.C., Goldstein, R.E. How to track protists in three dimensions, Rev Sci Instrum 2009. Jan; 80 (1): p. 014301.
  • Jaffe, J.D., Mani, D.R., Leptos, K.C., Church, G.M., Mootha, V.K. and Carr, S.A.: PEPPeR: A platform for experimental proteomic pattern recognition, Mol Cell Proteomics 2006. Oct; 5 (10): p. 1927-41.
  • Leptos, K.C., Sarracino, D.A., Jaffe, J.D., Krastins, B. and Church, G.M. MapQuant: New open-source software for large-scale protein quantification, Proteomics 2006. Mar; 6 (6): p. 1770-82



Phototaxis of Chlamydomonas arises from a tuned adaptive photoresponse shared with multicellular Volvocine green algae.
KC Leptos, M Chioccioli, S Furlan, AI Pesci, RE Goldstein
– Phys Rev E
Adaptive phototaxis of Chlamydomonas and the evolutionary transition to multicellularity in Volvocine green algae
K Leptos, M Chioccioli, S Furlan, A Pesci, R Goldstein
The fluid dynamics of collective vortex structures of plant-animal worms
GT Fortune, A Worley, AB Sendova-Franks, NR Franks, KC Leptos, E Lauga, RE Goldstein
– Journal of Fluid Mechanics
The fluid dynamics of collective vortex structures of plant-animal worms
G Fortune, A Worley, A Sendova-Franks, N Franks, K Leptos, E Lauga, R Goldstein
Diurnal Variations in the Motility of Populations of Biflagellate Microalgae
D Jin, J Kotar, E Silvester, KC Leptos, OA Croze
– Biophys J
An Adaptive Flagellar Photoresponse Determines the Dynamics of Accurate Phototactic Steering inChlamydomonas
K Leptos, M Chioccioli, S Furlan, A Pesci, R Goldstein
Aerotaxis in the closest relatives of animals
JB Kirkegaard, A Bouillant, AO Marron, KC Leptos, RE Goldstein
– Elife
Lag, lock, sync, slip: the many 'phases' of coupled flagella
KY Wan, KC Leptos, RE Goldstein
– Journal of the Royal Society Interface
Antiphase Synchronization in a Flagellar-Dominance Mutant of Chlamydomonas
KC Leptos, KY Wan, M Polin, I Tuval, AI Pesci, RE Goldstein
– Physical review letters
Insights into the Evolution of Vitamin B12 Auxotrophy from Sequenced Algal Genomes
KE Helliwell, GL Wheeler, KC Leptos, RE Goldstein, AG Smith
– Mol Biol Evol
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