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Researcher: Yury Korolev, and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb

We study the problem of deconvolution for light-sheet microscopy, where the data is corrupted by spatially varying blur and a combination of Poisson and Gaussian noise. The spatial variation of the point spread function (PSF) of a light-sheet microscope is determined by the interaction between the excitation sheet and the detection objective PSF. Our work includes forward modelling, modelling of mixed noise, and development and analysis of numerical reconstruction algorithms.

Related Publications 

Image Reconstruction in Light-Sheet Microscopy: Spatially Varying Deconvolution and Mixed Noise
B Toader, J Boulanger, Y Korolev, MO Lenz, J Manton, C-B Schönlieb, L Mureşan (2022)