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Read more at: Lisa-Maria Kreusser

Lisa-Maria Kreusser

Anisotropic nonlinear PDE models and dynamical systems in biology

Read more at: Erlend Skaldehaug Riis

Erlend Skaldehaug Riis

Geometric numerical integration for optimisation

Read more at: Veronica Corona

Veronica Corona

Variational Multi-Task Models for Image Analysis: Applications to Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Read more at: Simone Parisotto

Simone Parisotto

Anisotropic variational models and PDEs for inverse imaging problems

Read more at: Joana Grah

Joana Grah

Mathematical Imaging Tools in Cancer Research - From Mitosis Analysis to Sparse Regularisation

Read more at: Rob Hocking

Rob Hocking

Shell-Based Geometric Image and Video Inpainting

Read more at: Juheon Lee

Juheon Lee

Mapping individual trees from airborne multi-sensor imagery

Read more at: Luca Calatroni

Luca Calatroni

New PDE models for imaging problems and applications

Read more at: Kostas Papafitsoros

Kostas Papafitsoros

Novel higher order regularisation methods for image reconstruction

Read more at: Evangelos Papoutsellis

Evangelos Papoutsellis

First-order gradient regularisation methods for image restoration: reconstruction of tomographic images with thin structures and denoising piecewise affine images

Read more at: Ferdia Sherry

Ferdia Sherry

Structure-preserving machine learning for inverse problems

Read more at: Robert Tovey

Robert Tovey

Mathematical Challenges in Electron Microscopy