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Total Variation Meets Topological Persistence: A First Encounter
U Bauer, CB Schönlieb, M Wardetzky
– AIP Conference Proceedings
Symposium: Geometric Models and Applications in Image and Surface Processing
CB Schönlieb, M Droske
– AIP Conference Proceedings
A convergent overlapping domain decomposition method for total variation minimization
M Fornasier, A Langer, CB Schönlieb
– Numerische Mathematik
Nonlocal higher order evolution equations
JD Rossi, CB Schönlieb
– Applicable Analysis: an international journal
Domain decomposition methods for compressed sensing
M Fornasier, A Langer, C-B Schönlieb
– Proc. Int. Conf. SampTA09
Cahn-Hilliard inpainting and a generalization for grayvalue images
M Burger, L He, CB Schönlieb
– SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences
Subspace Correction Methods for Total Variation and $\ell_1$-Minimization
M Fornasier, CB Schönlieb
– SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
The best constant and extremals of the Sobolev embeddings in domains with holes: The $L^\infty$ case
JF Bonder, JD Rossi, CB Schönlieb
– Illinois Journal of Mathematics
The Willmore Functional and Instabilities in the Cahn-Hilliard equation
C Schoenlieb, M Burger, S-J Chu, PA Markowich
– Communications in Mathematical Sciences
The Willmore functional and instabilities in the Cahn-Hilliard equation
M Burger, SY Chu, PA Markowich, CB Schonleb
– Communications in Mathematical Sciences
Eigenvalue Problems in $\mathrm{L}^\infty$: Optimality Conditions, Duality, and Relations with Optimal Transport
L Bungert, Y Korolev
Delving Into Deep Walkers: A Convergence Analysis of Random-Walk-Based Vertex Embeddings
D Kloepfer, AI Aviles-Rivero, D Heydecker
Exploiting prior knowledge about biological macromolecules in cryo-EM structure determination
D Kimanius, G Zickert, T Nakane, J Adler, S Lunz, C-B Schönlieb, O Öktem, SHW Scheres
Choose your path wisely: gradient descent in a Bregman distance framework
M Benning, MM Betcke, MJ Ehrhardt, C-B Schönlieb
Numerical analysis of shell-based geometric image inpainting algorithms and their semi-implicit extension
LR Hocking, T Holding, C-B Schoenlieb
Data driven reconstruction using frames and Riesz bases
A Aspri, L Frischauf, Y Korolev, O Scherzer
Variational Multi-Task MRI Reconstruction: Joint Reconstruction, Registration and Super-Resolution
V Corona, AI Aviles-Rivero, N Debroux, CL Guyader, C-B Schönlieb
A Classification of Non-Compact Coxeter Polytopes with $n+3$ Facets and One Non-Simple Vertex
M Roberts
Two-layer neural networks with values in a Banach space
Y Korolev
Contrastive Registration for Unsupervised Medical Image Segmentation
L Liu, AI Aviles-Rivero, C-B Schönlieb