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Researcher: Lukas F. Lang, Sebastian Neumayer, Ozan Öktem, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb

In this project, we developed a variational regularisation approach for template-based image reconstruction from indirect, noisy measurements as given, for instance, in X-ray computed tomography. An image is reconstructed from such measurements by deforming a given template image. The image registration is directly incorporated in the form of a partial differential equation that models the registration as either mass- or intensity-preserving transport from the template to the unknown reconstruction. In this way, outstanding reconstructions can be computed from only a few measurements.

Related Publications 

Template-Based Image Reconstruction from Sparse Tomographic Data
LF Lang, S Neumayer, O Öktem, CB Schönlieb – Applied Mathematics & Optimization (2019) 82, 1081