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Welcome to the GK Batchelor Laboratory home page.

The aim of the Laboratory is to foster internationally competitive experimental research in a variety of research fields.

This aim is achieved by

        Maintaining a suitable and safe physical environment with access to the required services.

        Designing, implementing or procuring appropriate mechanical, optical and electronic solutions to meet the experimental and diagnostic requirements.

        Providing appropriate and timely assistance.

        Sustaining a critical mass of scientific and technical expertise.

        Training and advising Researchers and Supervisors as required.

        Advising those preparing research grant applications on feasibility and cost.

        Enabling, advising and training on safe working practices.

        Responding to changes in focus and direction of experimental research.

An illustration of the work undertaken may be found in an article in the June 2001 issue of Asymptotia.

The Laboratory, which is located in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, has state of the art equipment, including three high-precision rotating turntables, two large wave tanks, two flumes. Sophisticated instrumentation is available for data collection and analysis. Of these, DigImage (developed at DAMTP) has been used extensively since 1990 to digitally process images recorded during experiments, enhancing the images and calculating, for example, velocity fields and dye concentrations. DigImage is now being replaced by DigiFlow (also developed at DAMTP).


Details of the Laboratory and its Facilities

Details about the laboratory facilities, on-line manuals etc.

Seminar Series

Details of DAMTP seminar series run by the group or relevant to the group's research interests

Meetings, Workshops and Conferences

Details of various scientific meetings run the group by or relevant to the group's research interests


PhD Opportunities for 2015


List of organisations which are or have recently sponsored work in the laboratory


Includes safety documentation and procedures, laboratory manual and safety-related links.

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