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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics



  • Academic and Study Leave

The Faculty Board asks that at least two term's notice is given when applying for Sabbatical Leave, using the (CHRIS/67) form. 

  • Short Leave

Short Leave requests for time away during Full Term (for between 2 - 14 nights) should be submitted to the Head of Department for approval BEFORE the period of leave takes place.  Permission is not needed for a period of leave less than 2 nights.

Please use the Short Leave form for these requests: (Docx).  Hard copies of this form are also available outside B1.31.

Requests for a period of short leave between 15 - 28 nights should be made to the General Board, via the Faculty Board, using the (CHRIS/67) form.


Travel insurance is available through the University’s Group Business Travel Insurance Policy for employees and postgraduate students travelling away from the UK to carry out University activities. University activities would include overseas trips to attend University-related meetings and conferences or to carry out research. 

Before you can organise your travel insurance, you will need to complete the relevant risk assessment. Most trips will be low risk, so will require a low risk assessment, but you should always check the guidance especially when travelling to certain countries. If you believe that your trip has a potentially high level of risk, please contact Rachel Plunkett before completing your risk assessment.

Please note that in the event of a claim, the Department is required to confirm that a risk assessment was received before releasing funds.

Before you travel checklist :

  • Inform your Business and Operations Manager of your forthcoming trip by sending your risk assessment to
  • Obtain University travel insurance as soon as possible after booking your trip (only possible if the risk assessment is complete) by following the online registration process.  Cancellation cover is only available from the date of taking out the insurance.  
  • Some limited personal travel insurance that is incidental to the work trip can be covered by the insurance, please check to see if your proposed plans fit in with the limitations of the cover available .  It is advised that anyone undertaking personal travel or wishing to participate in leisure or sporting activities on personal time whilst away from the UK should arrange their own insurance policy to ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage. Please note that the University’s travel policy does not provide a personal accident benefit payable to the employee.
  • Make sure your contact details (including emergency contacts) are up to date on the University HR system.
  • While on the trip, report any safety concerns to the department if necessary.

Low Risk Travel Assessment- Staff

Medium Risk Travel Assessment - Staff

High Risk Travel Assessment - Staff


For Staff only

DSE Work Station Assesessments can be carried out using this online tool:

If you have any difficulties, please contact Alison Warrington, HoD PA

Alison can offer advice to staff who:

  • are experiencing problems with their backs / neck / wrists etc when working at their work station (desk), and carry out a full DSE Work Station Assessment looking at their desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor and lap top set up, to see if there are any adjustments that could be made to alleviate the problems.
  • would just appreciate guidance on how to set up their work station (desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor and lap top) in a way to prevent any problems arising.

In addition to this staff are recommended to read the following DSE guidance leaflets supplied by Occupational Health:


The Department's Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) is Rachel Plunkett - who can be approached by students, staff, and disabled visitors with questions and issues around disability.


Students: Please note that your expenses claim has to be authorised by your supervisor.

Please email your claim to

When claiming for trips, in order to facilitate processing please submit one trip per claim.

Please note that in both cases a copy of your bank statement is required to enable us to pay by bacs. The statement needs to show the bank name & logo, the sort code & account number and your name & address with all other details removed or covered over. A copy of your statement is only required on the first occasion of payment by bacs, unless you change bank accounts.

When converting Euro/USD transactions please use the relevant conversion rate as per the Finance Division Foreign Exchange Research Policy Rates found at this link:- Foreign Exchange Research Policy Rates | Finance Division (

DAMTP Expense Claims Policy

Quick Guide to Expense Claims



  • CamCORS - Cambridge Colleges' Online Reporting System for Supervisions
  • CGSRS - Cambridge Graduate Supervision Reporting System
  • CamSIS - Cambridge Student Information System


All employees should use the (CHRIS/62) form to report all sickness absences to their departmental administrator or head of institution.

After seven calender days' absence, you need a medical certificate from a doctor. 

Information on the University's Sickness Absence Policy is available on the Human Resources Division website.



Staff Review and Development scheme (SRD):


DAMTP launched a revised review scheme for Research Staff in November 2023 under the new title of the Career Support Scheme for Research Staff. Details of the scheme and associated paperwork are below. 


If you have any problems with your departmental phone please contact Katerina Pimstein, who is DAMTP's Telephone Liaison Officer (