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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics



Results at the Senate-HouseDPMMS and DAMTP together constitute the Faculty of Mathematics, and are responsible for some of the teaching of mathematics and its applications within the undergraduate Mathematical Tripos course (Parts IA, IB, II and III). DAMTP is also responsible for the teaching of mathematics within the Natural Sciences Tripos (Parts IA, IB, Part III Astrophysics and Part III Physics).

Part III Mathematics, leading to the MMath/MASt, is a graduate-level course of unique character and standing, offering an exceptionally wide range of options. On the DAMTP side, it attracts each year over 100 entrants. Those entering in October 2003 came from 19 different countries in every part of the world, with overseas and continental European students in a substantial majority over students from Cambridge and other UK universities. The normal criterion for admission to the course is a first class Honours Degree, or its equivalent, in mathematics or theoretical physics.

General information can be found on the following pages :

Lecture Notes and Example Sheets