DAMTP Jubilee Photographs

All photographs of the DAMTP Jubilee Event.

Professor Peter Haynes (Head of Department) gives an opening address
The opening address during the evening drinks reception at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.
Professor Tim Pedley FRS gives the talk " Individual and Collective Behaviour In Suspensions Of Swimming Micro-Organisms ".
Photograph on the lawn outside the CMS of Jubilee celebration attendees.
A cold fluid experiment.
Dinner at King's College.
The Vice Chancellor, Professor Alison Richard, speaks during the dinner at King's College.
Professor Keith Moffatt FRS, Head of DAMTP 1983-91
Revd John Polkinghorne KBE FRS, Professor of Mathematical Physics in DAMTP 1968-79.
Raise your glasses to another 50 years of DAMTP.

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