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Geometry, Integrability and Twistor Theory

June 24 - 27, 2008


Tuesday 24th June
1.05-2.30 lunch in CMS
2.30-3.30 Nick Manton (Cambridge) "The One-Vortex Moduli Space and Ricci Flow"
3.30-4.05 Eugene Ferapontov (Loughborough)"Moduli spaces of integrable dispersionless systems in 2+1 dimensions"
4.05-4.35 tea
4.35-5.10 Paolo Santini (Rome) "The Inverse Scattering Transform for integrable multidimensional PDE's arising as the commutation of the vector fields (like the heavenly and dispersionless Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equations), and the analytic description of the gradient catastrophe of 2d water waves near the shore."
5.10-5.45 Gennadi Henkin (Paris)"Asymptotic integrability of the Burgers type equations and applications"
7.15 Conference dinner at Clare College
(meet for drinks in the Thirkill Room).
Wednesday 25th June
9.15-10.15 Richard Ward (Durham)"Periodic Monopoles"
10.15-10.50 Sergey Cherkis (Dublin)"Instantons on Gravitions"
10.50-11.20 coffee
11.30-12.30 Philip Boalch (Paris)"Hyperkahler manifolds and supernova quivers"
12.30-1.05 Prim Plansangkate (Cambridge)"LYZ equation, Hitchin system and Painleve III"
1.05-2.30 lunch in the CMS
2.30-3.30 Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)"PVI and the geometry of the icosahedron"
3.30-4.05 John Loftin (Rutgers)"Two-Dimensional Affine Spheres"
4.05-4.35 tea
4.35-5.10 Gabriel Paternain (Cambridge)"Transparent connections over negatively curved spaces"
5.10-5.45 Fuminori Nakata (Tokyo) "LeBrun-Mason type twistor correspondence for Einstein-Weyl structures"
6.15-7.15 Dinner in New Hall.
Thursday 26th June
9.15-10.15 Claude LeBrun (Stony Brook)"On 4-Dimensional Einstein Manifolds"
10.15-10.50 Rod Gover (Auckland)"A conformal approach to conformally compact manifolds"
10.50-11.20 coffee
11.20-11.55 Roger Bielawski (Leeds)"Spectral Curves, generalised Legendre transform and the Gelfand-Zeitlin action"
11.55-12.30 Luis Martinez Alonso (Madrid)"Twistor Equations in the Toda hierarchy: Critical Points and regularization"
12.30-1.05 Roman Novikov (Nantes)"The d-bar approach to the monochromatic inverse scattering in three dimensions"
1.05-2.30 lunch in CMS
2.30-3.30 Roger Penrose (Oxford)"Cosmological Twistors"
3.30-4.05 George Sparling (Pittsburg)"The local and global Xi-transform"
4.05-4.35 tea
4.35-5.10 Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge)"Metricity in projective geometry"
5.10-5.45 Boris Doubrov (Minsk)"Twistor spaces as solution spaces of non-linear differential equations"
6.15-7.15 Dinner in New Hall
Friday 27th June
9.15-10.15 Gary Gibbons (Cambridge)"Sim(n-2) Holonomy"
10.15-10.50 Lionel Mason (Oxford)"Twistor Theory and the non self-dual gravity"
10.50-11.20 coffee
11.20-11.55 Jacek Tafel (Warsaw)"Horizons in Robinson-Trautman space-times"
11.55-12.30 Maciej Przanowski (Lodz)"From Hyperheavenly Spaces to Osserman Spaces"
1.05-2.30 lunch in CMS
3.00pm The Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture,Professor Sir Roger Penrose
Title:Deep Questions of Cosmology: Did something happen before the Big Bang?
(Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue)

The conference is funded by the ENIGMA Marie Curie Research Training network MRTN-CT-2004-005652.