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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

The following email lists are provided for DAMTP academic business purposes only.  Membership of the status lists is automatic.  To subscribe to a research group mailing list please click on the page and then complete the form.  If you have any difficuluties please contact your group/pavilion secretary.

Please append to the email addresses, below.

You can check which lists you are a member of. All members of the department should be on damtp-all. Most members of the department in DAMTP for more than six months should be on a pavilion, research group and status list as well (see below for list names).

DAMTP mailing lists

Membership of the status lists is generated from the department database.

List Information Page Email Address of List
Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Readers, Professors,
Assistant Directors of Research.
Senior Research Associates, Research Associates,
College Research Fellows, Research Assistants,
College Teaching Officers.
Professinal Services Staff damtp-ps@lists
Postgraduate research students (including visiting research students). all-students@damtp
Visiting academics. all-visitors@damtp
All of the above. everyone@damtp

DAMTP Research Group mailing lists

To apply to join one of these research group lists follow the link to be list subscribe page.

List Information Page Email Address of List
Applied Partial Differential Equations all-apde@damtp
Atomic Astrophysics all-atom@damtp
Biomechanics all-bio@damtp
Biological Physics all-biophys@damtp
Cantab Capital Institute for Mathematics of Information all-ccimi@maths
Computational Biology all-compbio@damtp
Disease Dynamics all-disdyn@damtp
Dynamical Meteorology and Oceanography all-atmos-oc@damtp
Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics all-envind@damtp
Fluids - All interested groups damtp-fluid-groups@damtp
Fluid Mechanics all-fluids@damtp
Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics all-afd@damtp
High Energy Physics all-hep@damtp
Institute of Theoretical Geophysics all-itg@damtp
Mechanics of Solids and Seismology all-mech@damtp
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence all-mlai@damtp
Millennium Mathematics Project all-mmp@damtp
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems all-nds@damtp
Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics all-num@damtp
Polar Ocean Physics all-pop@damtp
Quantum Fluids all-qufl@damtp
Quantum Information all-qi@damtp
Relativity and Gravitation all-gr@damtp
Soft Matter all-soft@damtp

Please send requests for creating new email lists to help@maths.

DAMTP/Maths Pavilion Lists

Everyone who has an office in CMS should be on the appropriate pavilion list. Pavilion list information is on the maths webserver. (The @damtp and damtp- email addresses of the pavilion lists continue to operate in addition to the new @maths addresses.). 

Other useful lists

List Information Page Email Address of List
Faculty Board of Mathematics. faculty-board@maths
Directors of Studies in Mathematics. dos@maths
Directors of Studies in NST Mathematics. nst_dos@maths
CMS Facilities Manager and staff. facilities@maths
All members of DAMTP and DPMMS at CMS,
CMS Facilities Manager and staff.
Users of Matlab software. matlab-users@maths

Computing and IT

All members of DAMTP are welcome to sign up for these lists.

MPhil in Computational Biology

  • mphil-students@maths

Part III, undergrad and career noticeboard mailing lists