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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


  • 2020 Oct. - present           Research Associate / Rubicon Fellow    University of Cambridge
  • 2016 Sept. - 2020 Sept.   PhD Candidate / de Sitter Fellow          Leiden University
  • 2013 Sept. - 2016 Jun.      Master                                              University of Science and Technology of China


    My research focuses on primordial cosmology. Currently I am exploring new physics effects in the earliest stage of the Universe, by looking into their imprints in cosmological observables. In particular, I am interested in applying the boostrap approach to study the theoretical aspects of cosmological correlators, and the phenomenology of primordial non-Gaussianity.

    Find more on my personal website.


Searching for a matter bounce cosmology with low redshift observations
YF Cai, F Duplessis, DA Easson, DG Wang
– Physical Review D
Scale-dependent CMB power asymmetry from primordial speed of sound and a generalized δ N formalism
DG Wang, YF Cai, W Zhao, Y Zhang
– Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
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Research Group

Relativity and Gravitation